Friday, March 25, 2011

We Dig Customer Love!

Several weeks ago I think we set a record for notes and letters from customers thanking us for great work. I love it when those notes are directed to management to point out how well our staff is serving folks.

This morning flowers arrived for our Kim Crawford and we all assumed it was from her most loving husband, but alas, it was from a customer and it included a swell thank you note. Way to go, Kim!

We love hearing from all of you when we do great and when you think we can improve on what we do for you. It's is a big goal here to create an increasing group of raving fans. Thanks for the feedback.

A Nifty Membership Card

Here is a sweet idea for a membership club card. Our client prints the personalized info, slides it under the clear flap and zips it through a laminator. Not only is it cost effective, do you think the card holder will lose something this cool? Sweet.

Card File