Thursday, August 28, 2008

NASA Security Badge Poses Safety Risk

On August 15th, a NASA Safety Notice issued at Kennedy Space Center warned that NASA's new Identity Stronghold badge holder has the "potential to introduce dangerous Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to flight hardware areas and can cause personnel injury if the metal clips are installed improperly."

The badge holder's metal clasps, if installed backwards, "will become a projectile when the badge is opened creating a potential eye injury hazard," the Safety Notice says. "When removing your badge, do not point end with metal clips towards your face or another person."(more here)

We say: Our simple, but effective SkimSafe badge holders offer the same technology protection in an elegant, safe design. With our recent FIPS201 approval it will be nice to have these available as samples at the upcoming ASIS Conference & Exhibits.

Multi-function ID cards are global

BANGALORE: So you have a college ID card, debit card, library card, hostel card, and other cards which fatten your wallet without actually having any cash in it. Wouldn't it be better if all these functions could be performed with just a single card? (read it here)

We say: Multi-function or multi-technology ID cards can be quite simple to implement if pre-planing is adequate.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Microsoft tracks people with RFID tags

In a world-first for Microsoft, all delegates will carry a passive RFID tag behind their conference lanyard.

It is expected that up to 5,500 tags will be in use across the four days of the event.

The tags will be scanned as people enter or leave one of 34 doorways in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The system is able to handle as many as 250 people moving simultaneously through a doorway at a span of up to 10.5 metres.

The network includes 118 antennas, 56 fixed readers, 20 Kenetics Windows mobile-based readers and multiple screens to display Silverlight visualisations and BI data on attendees.
(The entire article here)

We say: RFID has been on the horizon a long time and we will begin to see applications that are effective in the ID card market soon. It is about to pop.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Man arrested on suspicion of running ID factory in Watsonville

Other evidence seized from the rented rooms included sheets of blank Social Security cards, immigration cards, driver's licenses, W-2 forms as well as completed cards, including driver's licenses from California, Arizona, Oregon and numerous states in Mexico, California license plate stickers, Matriculas Mexican ID cards and resident alien cards, according to police.

Police said Montana's products looked authentic.

"He did a good job," Thompson said. "To a trained professional, we can see the flaws in them right away. But to the average Joe, they look pretty good." (more here)

Again we say: It is not that hard to secure a photo ID card at a reasonable cost. Security features are worth the the small cost to protect valid documents.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Recession-Proof Businesses?

Not all businesses are being affected by the current wide-reaching economic downturn in the US and worldwide. The Promotional Products industry as a whole (with a sales volume estimated at $19.4 billion in 2007) is experiencing steady growth as advertisers rush to get memorable product in the hands of their customers. See today's article in the Connecticut Post for more information.

The Promotional Products Association International's Anne Lardner says "Promotional products just work, they become part of your lifestyle. You use them, and every time you look at one, it reinforces the message."

How are you promoting your company's image to your clients and dealers? Lanyards are a great choice for a memorable impression. CredentialExpress takes new orders each day for top quality lanyards with unique features!

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