Monday, June 21, 2010

Chuck that paper logbook!

If you have ever signed in to a paper log book in a company's front lobby, you know the drill. Name, time/date, reason for your visit, etc...  This information seldom gets a second look once you are signed in.

What if you could do it all electronically? What if you could pull metrics and view who is currently in the building in real-time? This is nothing new in the security world, but it is certainly easy for any company to add this to their front lobby with Jolly's new version of Lobby Track visitor management software.

Features include:

  • Active Directory integration
  • Email notification
  • Driver License scanning option
The software is shipping now, and you can download a free trial here. Let Laminex know if we can help you with this innovative way to add security and increase the speed of visitors through your lobby today.

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