Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bar bouncer turns away Wash. gov; she lacked ID

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire (GREG'-wahr) is taking it as a compliment: She was turned away from a bar in the state capital because she couldn't prove she's of legal age to drink.

The 61-year-old governor and her staff had served burgers at the annual Capital Lakefair last weekend and afterward went to a downtown Olympia bar called Hannah's to celebrate.

Gregoire says the man checking identifications at the door told her she couldn't get in without ID, even when others pointed out she's Washington's governor. So she went home, but her husband, Mike, went in.

The governor tells Seattle's KING-TV she feels complimented the bouncer thought she might be under 21.

Hannah's owner, Todd Ruzicka, says his 23-year-old part-time bouncer needs more training.

We say: 1) The bar owner should thank the bouncer for protecting him from a stiff fine. 2) The govenor's husband is a putz!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Biometrics in Schools

Finally, we see some biometrics in action at a nontraditional location! The Edwardsville School District in Illinois has proposed to install visitor management and biometric Access Control in all of the district's schools! The $302,128 project was approved by the board and is set to be implemented within the next 18 months. The project will include:

  • fingerprint verification for access to secured areas

  • visitor management (including sex offender checks)

  • photo id cards for all employees

It is fantastic to see approval and acceptance on this scale, let's just hope the PTA and the community organizations respond positively to the technology, which is sometimes construed as "invasive" and unnecessary. I feel like the best fit location for any access technology is a state-supported school system. The safety of children in schools should be paramount in our priority list.

ID Shop has implemented the Waypoint Visitor Management system successfully with the Rock Hill, SC school district and has had positive feedback from the employees, although the community seems to have a hard time grasping the benefit vs. the apparent inconvenience that is sometimes felt when a new visitor has to log in using a state-issued ID card.

Congratulations to the vendor on the Illinois deal. May we all see many more!


Monday, July 14, 2008

The case shows how competitive the $1.2 billion-a-year world of personalized credit and identification cards has become

DataCard contends, and a federal judge agrees, that Card Technology Corp. of New Jersey inflated a contract with the Nigerian government to provide bribes to the officials running the identification program in order to win the business. (more here)

We say....nothing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More than just another automobile hang tag

Additional features for automation and security are not a problem. Special packaging is not a problem. Just let us know what you need. These special order automobile hang tags include:
  • Full four color process printing on both sides
  • Bar coding with no missing numbers
  • Foil security stamp
  • Individual poly bags
  • Matching barcode label on poly bag

What can we do for you and your customers?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drug Arrests Were Real; the Badge Was Fake

They said he wore military-style boots, pants with pockets running down the legs and carried a badge (his lawyer said it was from a former job as a security guard in St. Louis). And his off-white Ford Crown Victoria was decked out with police radios and internal flashing lights, residents said. (Read it all here!)

We say: Don't ever hesitate to verify the authenticity of any badge or ID. And if you issue ID cards, why not spend that extra few cents to make it secure?

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