Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recycled Bottles made into Lanyards

Here's a great way to wear your badge or ID while boosting your "green" status.
Although the "green living" push seems to be a drum that gets beaten more often recently, it does make a difference. If you already use lanyards, chances are you are buying them from a supplier that uses only first-use polymers to weave the fabric. Recyclables are used in so many other items, so why not lanyards? View the product PDF here.
These promotional products (EcoLanyards and EcoReels) are made from items that might otherwise end up being in a landfill, and then eventually a golf course. It's nice to have an environmentally friendlier choice when you shop for this type of item.
The EcoLanyards are printed on fabric made from recycled beverage bottles. The color quality is excellent and the feel of the material is the same as the standard polyesters we see from other manufacturers.

The EcoReels are made from plastic recycled from various sources, so the available color is limited to basic black, but whats more versatile and hip than basic black? I can't think of anything. Both are custom imprint ready, so what's to stop you from making the green switch? Nothing.
I want to see more products that work and are also green, by the way.

Some items I didn't know were "green" but I love to wear were already in my closet at home! Bamboo clothing is made from a fast-growing sustainable. So is cotton though. It turns out that my favorite Wilco T-Shirt is bamboo. Capilene (a-la patagonia) is made from recycled polyester, and it's super-warm. More and more companies are turning to recyclable and renewable items for everyday applications. The switch is on!

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If you are going with bamboo shirts you might as well add a wallet or iPod holder from recycled ties. Get yours here:

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