Friday, February 29, 2008

Fake ID Cards, Philly Style - Part 2

When we blogged this story we were amazed. It gets even better. In the headlines today...

Photo truck returns after fake-ID bust

Neither trumpets nor thunderclaps heralded the return of Rosa Photo to Callowhill Street this week.

Instead, the passport-photo truck that was hauled away in disgrace three weeks ago after cops busted four workers for allegedly selling fake IDs there rolled quietly back to Callowhill on Monday, back into business and back into fierce competition. (more here)

What can we say? How about it really is amazing that the very folks that were offering to sell fake ID cards and got caught with about 1000 on hand are back in business. Evidently that gets you off the streets for about 21 days in Philly. Again, photo ID cards can be as secure as you want to make them, but security features do need to be designed into the card right from the start. With low penalties and high rewards for card forgers, the small extra cost of a more secure card would seem to be an easy decision.

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