Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why doesn't media get photo ID right?

Last month GM was running their "Employee Pricing" sales program to boost sales. I noticed the poster at the local Chevy dealership showed a bunch of employee photo ID cards, but the corners were square, not rounded. How did the advertising folks not catch this?

Below is the opening sequence for the TV show "Chuck". Pretty clever. Not a bad badge, but I would expect a last name somewhere. And I'm sure not protecting the barcode from making a copy would never be a problem. The high quality of employees at office stores would never swipe in a time clock for each other!

There there is the ID badge above meant to replicate "The Office" photo ID. What's up with this? Is it still 1984? When was the last time any company used an ID that was not PVC? The size is even non-standard. And the setting is a remote office, so wouldn't it be sweet if they had to "swipe the old time clock" every day?

Sigh...maybe I've just become a photo ID geek.

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Travis Brewington said...

I love that Dwight has whited out the "to the" in his title: "Assistant to the Regional Manager"


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