Monday, October 13, 2008

The cost of forged ID cards

Terrorist organisations operating in Kashmir could be asking their cadres to carry forged voter’s identity cards purportedly issued by governments of southern States, including that of far-flung Kerala, to possibly demonstrate that they have a pan-India support for their cause, official sources said.

The State police here have received faxed copies of the purportedly Kerala-issued electoral ID cards recovered from the bodies of suspected militants killed in an encounter with the security forces in the Lolab valley on October 7 and later on October 11. (more here)

We say: Customers often ask the cost of ID card security features and then elect to cut costs by not utilizing the available technologies. Do you think a few extra dimes or nickels is a good investment when it can save lives? And it is not just a problem for other outposts in other parts of the world!

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