Friday, January 11, 2008

So what does Badge-A-Rama mean to you?

So the Snap (a pretty cool widget) blog is running a contest to get people to submit electronic badges (icons) and they are handing out a $500 cash prize. Or you could get the lousy t-shirt trophy. Here's the link:

The thing is as a "photo ID guy" the first thing I thought when I saw "Badge-A-Rama" was it had something to do with photo ID cards. And when I saw the retro logo it made me think of my past life. What do you think when you see "Badge-A-Rama"??

What flashes through my mind:
  • Are there any ID card printer manufacturers in the industry hip enough to stick this name tag on a new printer model?
  • Would people show up to an industry trade show with this name if it focused on the core of ID card technology?
  • Are the towns in the USA that have enough companies to outsource ID card making to a drive-thru ID card production operation by this name? How many people would stop and ask for a "fake ID card"?

What flashes through your mind? What do you think?!

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Travis said...

I think of my favorite imaginary speed-metal band "Formica Pickle" myself :)
There is a great deal of corporate remasking in the ID industry today. Are people really changing how they do business, or are they changing their logo and font set? I watched Helvetica last night, and it touched on the point in the mid 1960's advertising when large companies' letterhead went from "hand drawn nuptial fonts" to Helvetica bold 18 pt in reflex blue. This was quite Swiss, and America jumped all over it like a fat guy on banana pudding. We use a similar font (verdana) at our homepage and it seems to have taken over the marketing. Is America ready for serifs again!?

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