Tuesday, January 15, 2008

National Parks go PVC

The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (governed by the US National Park Service) has made a huge step up in technology by adding pay-to-park kiosks in several locations. These kiosks replace cash boxes and paper passes that visitors had to use in order to park in the day-use areas through out the greenway in metro Atlanta, GA.

The free-standing kiosks contain credit-card swipe readers, touchscreens, and a PVC card printer. When a visitor walks up, they have the option to buy a day pass (paper receipt) or an annual pass (PVC Card) for all of the parks in the domain of the CRNRA. They are currently active at the Johnson's Ferry and Jones Bridge units of the park.

I for one am glad to see PVC making its way into this arena. In the past, the visitor passes were either custom printed stickers or paper hangtags that were punched on the side to indicate when the pass was purchased. The new cards' beautiful design includes one of the many shoals on the river, in a photo by Tom Wilson.

Get yours today, and you'll never have to carry three 1$ bills to the park again.

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