Monday, October 18, 2010

Sony and HID agree to team up on FeliCa RFID

Sony and HID Global have agreed to work jointly on the "new" Sony FeliCa contactless smart card reader project. FeliCa is a near field communication card, operating in the 13.57 MhZ frequency band. FeliCa cards are a perfect candidate for protection with Laminex's SkimSAFE badge holder product, with blocks any and all 13.56 MhZ transmissions to and from the card, unless the user removes the card from the holder.

Near field communications are going to be in our lives as American technology consumers, that may not be a choice for many of us. What we can choose to do is operate responsibly while protecting our cards' encoded data. Read more about protecting your 13.56 MhZ card data on the SkimSAFE website.

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