Tuesday, May 11, 2010

National ID a matter of time?

A nationwide identification system is already current law, but it's being put on hold due to privacy, identity theft, and other concerns from almost half of the states in the country, Louisiana included, according to state representative Brett Geymann.
Geymann spoke to the League of Women Voters on Friday about the Real ID system, as well as the pared down Pass ID system.

"Essentially, to summarize what Real ID does, is it takes your driver's license, and it puts standard minimum requirements on that driver's license through all 50 states. Essentially, all our licenses would be the same," Geymann said. "Under this program, your information is only as secure as 50 other state's systems. That's a lot of points for thieves to steal information." (Click here for full story)

We say: It's interesting that the level of security that we want in this country seems to be related to the current level of terrorist threat.

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