Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Serial-ID thief nabbed in Nebraska

In August 2007, during a search at an Indianapolis residence, Detective Smith found 34 fake Indiana IDs, 39 authentic Ohio birth certificates and two fraudulent check stubs. The IDs all contained a photo of William Smith, a 37-year-old convicted felon.

Each ID, issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles between November 2006 and January 2007, had a different name and address. Police have determined many of the names were those of actual people, mostly residents of Ohio, and only a few of the birth certificates match the IDs, giving the indication that the man might have had numerous other fake IDs in his possession.  (more here)

We say:  Yes, again we say ID card documents can be secured with special features and verified with training.  And for a few dollars  background  checks can be run on applicants to assist with identity verification!  And we believe forgers need stiff punishment when caught.  Light penalties will lead to more of this behavior!

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