Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mobile Lab for Fake ID's Busted

At about 9 a.m., Monday Trooper Gary Myers saw a Ford Escort visibly advertising identification cards that could be made in ten minutes. The Escort's vehicle did not have a commercial license plate, known as an H-1 tag, required for vehicles used in a commercial enterprise.

When he stopped the vehicle, Trooper Myers saw a portable computer in the front seat and a card printer for producing plastic IDs in the rear seat. The driver gave consent to search and troopers say they recovered several fake Tennessee and Florida ID's.

They say that in a statement, Correa acknowledged making and selling at least 300 of the fraudulent IDs. The ID cards were very close to authentic and might easily fool a financial or business operation. (more here)
We say: Duhh!! Do you think the ID dealer involved had a clue that their customer was up to no good? There are usually warning signs. Those of us in the ID card business need to be alert and do our best to keep secure cards secure.

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