Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) deployment delayed due to power surge

According to the website, the required compliance date for some TWIC users has been pushed back to December 1st (from Octber 31st) due to a power surge event at the MD facility housing the central computers that drive the system.

TWIC credentials are the result of the post-September 11 plan to secure all US ports and transportation facilities with a single unified credential. As noted on the TSA website, the cards use the following technologies to verify identity and provide information security:

Dual Interface Integrated Circuit Chips (ICC) that can be read by either inserting the card in a slot in a "contact" card reader; or, holding the card within 10 centimeters of a "contactless" card reader (Also know as desfire)

  • Magnetic Stripe that is read by "swiping" the card through a magnetic stripe card reader

  • Linear Bar Code used to quickly identify items by scanning the codes with an optical reader

The TWIC program is a huge step forward for port security. The cards will most assuredly provide the level of identity verification that our security services have needed for quite some time.

We say: Although the TWIC does have inherently fraud-proof features, why not increase the security of the internal ICC chip by protecting it with the SkimSAFE Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve? The SkimSAFE costs less than $5 (far less than the $100+ price for each TWIC) and it provides a priceless level of security to the cardholder and a boost to the integrity of the system as a whole.

SkimSAFE protects TWIC, CAC, PIV, and many other cards including RFID cards used in the private sector for facility access control and logical access to PC workstations. It's the smart choice for users of contactless cards. The electromagnetically opaque sleeve is available here in packs of 25.

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