Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Microsoft tracks people with RFID tags

In a world-first for Microsoft, all delegates will carry a passive RFID tag behind their conference lanyard.

It is expected that up to 5,500 tags will be in use across the four days of the event.

The tags will be scanned as people enter or leave one of 34 doorways in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The system is able to handle as many as 250 people moving simultaneously through a doorway at a span of up to 10.5 metres.

The network includes 118 antennas, 56 fixed readers, 20 Kenetics Windows mobile-based readers and multiple screens to display Silverlight visualisations and BI data on attendees.
(The entire article here)

We say: RFID has been on the horizon a long time and we will begin to see applications that are effective in the ID card market soon. It is about to pop.

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