Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mutations in the Warehouse

Uh oh... looks like there's some homogenization going on in the warehouse. Dont tell the boss.

For those who are addicted to bluetooth headsets, leatherman multi tools, keyfobs, neo-pets and other hangy-things, we proudly present Frankenstein Lanyard (...its ALIVE). Made from all kinds of stuff - like hot dogs - this lanyard is sure to fit the needs of the "customer who wants it all, but doesn't understand part numbers". It features a springy-bulldog-metallic-plastic-hook-clip-thingie. (Whew) Estimated MSRP is projected to be around, well... er, we're not sure. Warning - this product may cause neck strain and confusion.

OK - if you actually want one of these, I guess we could go ahead and make it, but this is not a real lanyard. It's a by-product of bad photoshop layering, and a late night of keyboarding. Could be something for the old r & d bin... we'll have to see who really wants it.



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