Monday, February 18, 2008

ID Cards Keep Kids Safer - for Free

  • Kids need photo ID in the case that they are missing and a recent photo is not available. I would guess grandparents would be the first source of such pictures (insatiable photo-consumers in my experience) but what about the personal data? I think this is a great service and I'd like to see more community organizations and Police Departments taking part in programs like this around the country.
  • As a parent, would you want / allow a fingerprint and photo to be stored on police record for the child?
  • Would you take advantage of this service?
  • If so, would you be willing to pay for it?

Thanks to the local police in Syracuse, you don't have to. Syracuse Police are issuing photo ID cards to all children in the area as part of their "SafeKids" program. This program allows parents to get two printed copies of a photo ID card with their child's picture and data, at no charge.

Way to go SPD! Keep up the good work.

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