Friday, January 25, 2008

YouTube - ID Style

Now and again we load a video on YouTube to help a staff mate or customer understand a concept visually. We've noticed a few other folks in the industry are doing the same thing. Here is a sample from a printer manufacturer. YouTube can be a handy medium to communicate a quick (or maybe long) visual message. A few observations (or maybe questions):

  • Does a video for business use need high end production values or just communicate the intended message?
  • Should any videos posted address a specific, unique topic or is it OK to load up "canned" marketing style product videos?
  • Would a library of specific application videos be handy?
  • Don't you think this is a better use for this medium that seeing all the videos of some poor sap getting hit you know where with a blunt object?
Sigh....these must be Friday thoughts...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Longer format is not as interesting to me as short, to-the-point bites of information. I think that blog formatted messages (and the content they contain) should respect that as well. This is helpful, but I also think that posting a link to the actual video on the manufacturer's site would be better.

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