Monday, January 28, 2008

How secure do you need your ID card?

I've notice that you can go on web sites like Big Huge Labs and make a photo ID card in about 30 seconds that can be printed and laminated. And you can have a bit of fun doing it! Of course there is limited card design ability and card technology (mag stripe, prox, rfid) can not be incorporated. Nor will the card include any security features like holograms, UV ink, or special card elements.

Here's the thing. Sites like this point out how easy it is to make a photo ID card. Making a secure, well made photo ID card is a different story which is in part why guys like us exist. How important is your ID card security? Would it shock you if an 8th grader could reasonably reproduce your card on-line or with Photoshop? We often tell customers that they can choose how secure (or unsecure) their card is based on design choices. It's simply up to you.

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